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9-Week Self-Regulation Program

Our comprehensive 9-week program is designed to help your child develop essential self-regulation skills. The program is structured into three distinct stages, ensuring that each aspect of self-regulation is thoroughly covered.

Stage 1: Understanding Self-Regulation (3 sessions)

In the first stage, your child will learn the meaning of self-regulation, its importance, and how to recognize and describe it. This stage focuses on building a foundational understanding of self-regulation, its appearance, sensations, and associated language.

Stage 2: Experimenting with Arousal States (3 sessions)

During the second stage, your child will explore various methods to change their arousal states and become more aware of their physiological cues. Caregivers will learn how to support and cue them towards their sensorimotor preferences.  Experimentation of different strategies are used to build experiential understanding.

Stage 3: Regulating Arousal States (3 sessions)

In the final stage, your child will learn to choose strategies independently and with assistance to effectively regulate their arousal states within and outside the program.

Client Suitability:

Our 9-week program is best suited for clients who:
  • Are at least functionally 8 years old
  • Experience predominantly self-regulation challenges
  • Possess average or above-average intelligence
  • Have adequate language function
  • Can maintain attention for at least 5 minutes
  • Do not have extensive emotional needs
  • Have supportive caregivers willing to apply knowledge and practice content outside of sessions
Please note that Vanessa has worked with clients younger than 8. In such cases, the focus is on building the caregiver's understanding, and sessions are conducted with both the child and caregiver present. For more information, please contact us.

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9 Week Program

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Other Services

  • Self-Regulation Intake Session

    Start your self-regulation skill development journey with our program by scheduling an initial caregiver intake session, lasting 60-90 minutes, where we address concerns, conduct assessments, collect historical data, and introduce the program, providing you with a comprehensive report.

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  • Caregiver Sessions

    Join Vanessa's in-person or online caregiving sessions to gain a personalised framework, language, and skills for self-regulation, empowering you to become a supportive co-regulator for those in your care.

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  • Workshops and Training

    Book Vanessa for engaging presentations and workshops on emotional, social, and mental well-being, centred around self-regulation, tailored for schools, parents, and community groups, and click the link below to learn more and schedule a session for your organisation or school.

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