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As a Self-regulation Consultant, Vanessa Kay and InnerWise Education Australia have been helping individuals, families, schools and other institutions in Perth and Regional Western Australia for many years. The testimonials on this page are just some of the many glowing responses to the positive outcomes our clients experience.  

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It was great, has made me realise that I co-escalate a lot and I need to work on that.

Western Australia

What Clients Say About InnerWise Education Services

"I sought Vanessa's help with my son's seemingly inability to learn in a class environment. We had been through the ADHD , but in my heart, I knew that wasn't the issue. I just wanted my son to be happy & confident - to trust his abilities to be able to learn. We learned about how the brain works and he & Vanessa put together a toolbox of strategies that he was keen on using to assist him in challenging times. He learned how to read his body cues and how to regulate himself in situations that were causing him stress. I now have a much happier & calmer boy! "

Denmark, Western Australia

"It was great, has made me realise that I co-escalate a lot and I need to work on that. "

Western Australia

"I didn’t come into this expecting a massive load of help. I have done other group sessions which didn’t help as much. But you have hit the nail on the head and made me understand my child’s emotions. "

Western Australia

"I learnt the importance of Self-Regulation and tracking my son’s behaviour. I think this information is so important to know and put into practice not only for parents but for our teachers, including daycare educators. "

Western Australia

"My 10-year-old daughter first started receiving assistance from Vanessa in 2019 to help with her anxiety, self-confidence, and self-acceptance around her multiple medical issues. It has now been over 12 months and the growth in my daughter has been amazing. Her teacher has reported seeing her confidence grow and she is now engaging in class discussions. Vanessa gave my daughter the ‘tools’ to help her manage her everyday life. Vanessa also supported us as a family to manage stressful situations as they arose. I would highly recommend Vanessa’s compassionate and individual understanding to anyone who is looking at improving their life. "

Albany, Western Australia

"Vanessa, from Innerwise Education, prepared and delivered a bespoke workshop that focused on the specific needs of our school. Her clear information based on research evidence developed the understanding of our staff. It also provided the inspiration for them to reflect on their own beliefs, want to make changes and further improve their understanding. With a helpful Q&A session to clarify thoughts, our staff left empowered and motivated "

Parklands School

"Vanessa provides a caring, safe environment for participants to engage with the new learning. The information shared is current, research-based, practical and highly relevant for any teacher looking to support students’ behavioural needs. Fantastic feedback received from all members attending Vanessa’s sessions. "

Kevlynn Annandale
Training Coordinator, SSTUWA

"Vanessa, I really enjoyed your presentation and learnt so much from it. You say you welcome all feedback in all forms.  I can only think of positive things to say!  Many thanks for all your hard work. "

Teacher, Western Australia

"Thank you, Vanessa. It was really good to make the self-regulation links between behaviours traditionally considered “naughty” and looking at the “why” rather than just the “what” "

Teacher, Perth

"We have noticed that our child has developed new skills in identifying and naming their emotions. They’ve been able to relate their bodily sensations (tummy upset, headaches) to their emotional state and use strategies to calm themselves.  Their emotional vocabulary is better. Interestingly, they’re also recognising emotional states in their family, friends and peers and realising how it affects their behaviour. The relationship with us is closer and calmer. "