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Caregiver Sessions

Vanessa provides a safe and confidential space for caregivers to develop a framework and language structure to build self-regulation understanding unique to their needs, unpack concerns, and discover how to become a co-regulatory other and support those in their care in learning the skill of self-regulation. These sessions typically last for 60 minutes and are available in-person or online.

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Caregiver Services

Workshops & Events

InnerWise Education frequently run public Workshops or Events designed to inform and assist individuals and families in local communities 

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Other Services

  • Self-Regulation Intake Session

    Start your self-regulation skill development journey with our program by scheduling an initial caregiver intake session, lasting 60-90 minutes, where we address concerns, conduct assessments, collect historical data, and introduce the program, providing you with a comprehensive report.

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  • 9-Week Self-Regulation Program

    Enrol your child in our comprehensive 9-week program to develop essential self-regulation skills and provide them with the tools they need to thrive.

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  • Workshops and Training

    Book Vanessa for engaging presentations and workshops on emotional, social, and mental well-being, centred around self-regulation, tailored for schools, parents, and community groups, and click the link below to learn more and schedule a session for your organisation or school.

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