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InnerWise Education, founded by Vanessa Kay, is dedicated to helping individuals, families, educators, and organisations build the essential knowledge and skills of self-regulation. Our mission is to empower people to achieve emotional fitness, mental well-being, and optimal functioning by understanding and managing their unique brain-body responses to internal and external stress. A term Vanessa coins, becoming InnerWise.

What is Self-Regulation and Why is it Important?

Self-regulation is the ability to effectively manage our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in response to different situations and environments. It plays a crucial role in maintaining emotional fitness, mental well-being, and optimal functioning. By learning the skill of self-regulation, individuals can better identify and understand their emotional states and needs, leading to healthier relationships with themself and others and improved overall well-being.
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How a Self-Regulation Consultant Can Help

As a Self-regulation Consultant, Vanessa Kay specializes in helping individuals, especially children, understand their autonomic story (how the nervous system reacts under stress) and their unique sensory and motor profile. Vanessa also works with families to build a shared language, supporting caregivers in their vital role of teaching self-regulation skills.
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Services and Workshops

At InnerWise Education, we offer a range of services and workshops to suit the diverse needs of our clients. Our 9-week program focuses on self-regulation skill development, while we also provide caregiver sessions, school-based workshops, and community events. To learn more about our services and upcoming workshops, click on the links below: